Concrete slab joint deterioration is one of the most common issues that can negatively affect safety and production in commercial and industrial environments. Damage and deterioration of joints is typically caused when concrete slabs move or curl which creates an uneven surface from one slab to the next. When wheeled traffic is allowed to travel over these uneven surfaces it is very likely the edges of the joint will begin to crack and spall. If not quickly addressed these issues can create serious safety hazards, damage equipment and affect the structural integrity of the concrete slab.

Our specialized repair method follows several important steps. We first determine the likely cause of the joint deterioration which allows us to determine the proper way to proceed. Next we determine what equipment and repair material is required to accomplish the repair affectively. Following the proper steps, from the preparation to the choice and application of repair materials and finally grinding the surface to create a level and smooth transition ensures a long lasting worry free repair.