​Concrete Grinding: Concrete grinding is the process of scratching a concrete surface utilizing a grinder adapted with specialized grinding tooling. The grinders can vary greatly in size from large walk behind to light weight hand held models. Diamond or carbide tooling is installed on the grinder based on the specific desired results.

Concrete grinding can be used to resolve numerous issues found in concrete floors. If it's leveling uneven joints or surface areas, removal of coatings and adhesives, or just preparing a surface prior to installing a coating or covering, concrete grinding is the solution.

Our concrete grinding services are performed utilizing advanced grinding equipment along with high volume vacuum systems. This allows us to grind concrete surfaces while maintaining a clean dust free environment. We have the equipment and expertise to address all your concrete grinding needs and achieve the results you expect.

​Shot Blasting: Shot blasting is a cost effective and environmentally friendly method of preparing concrete surfaces. Our blasting systems use a high performance centrifugal wheel for propelling blast media at a high velocity in a controlled pattern and direction. This process allows us to quickly clean, prepare, and remove markings from concrete surfaces.

Shot blasting leaves the surface immediately ready for the application of coatings or overlays, eliminating drying time and costly disposal procedures associated with other surface preparation methods. Shot blasting produces the highest bonding character of any surface preparation method.

Our shot blasting services are performed utilizing advanced Blastrac shot blasters and vacuum systems. This allows us to shot blast concrete surfaces while maintaining a clean dust free environment.