Polished concrete offers an affordable, low maintenance, durable and aesthetically appealing flooring option for those looking to dress up a concrete floor. A polished concrete floor requires no cure time and can be opened to normal use immediately after the polishing process is completed. This means there is very little down time compared to other flooring options. Polished concrete is also very cost effective due to its minimal material costs and extremely low maintenance costs.

The concrete polishing process requires grinding a concrete surface in several steps, utilizing progressively finer diamond grinding tools. During the polishing process a lithium silicate densifier and a lithium silicate glossing agent are applied to achieve higher surface strength and maximum desired gloss. 

Our concrete polishing services are performed utilizing some of the most advanced grinding equipment, tooling and materials available. Our certified training along with our 38 years of combined experience ensures you'll receive a finished product that meets or exceeds your expectations.